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The Benefits of hiring a Strata Management

Strata management has become a very important concept in New South Wales. But, it is important for us to understand the pre-strata period in order to learn strata management in a proper way. More than five decades ago, people who want to own a part of a building has to buy shares of the company who owned that building. People used to acquire shares certificates in order to claim the right on the property, unlike today where property certificates are shown to the authorities. It was the year 1961 when the government introduced a new method called ‘Strata’ or Stract Act that enabled an owner to hold the authorization for a part of the building. It also allowed the owner a certain degree of freedom and security, which was denied to him earlier. The Strata schemes have become more lenient over time. Basically, this scheme ironed out the wrinkles that were present on the property acquiring procedure until 1960.

What is the use of strata management?

Have you even visited the NSW Fair Trading site? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that how important it is to get an assistance in striking a good deal for your hard earned money. There are some major differences between the ownership of an independent house and the ownership of a part or apartment under the strata scheme. Due to this reason, the implementation of Strata management becomes necessary. It is important for you to have a good knowledge about the concept or else you can land into trouble. You should know everything about the owner’s rights, duties and all the laws. If you are looking for an efficient Strata management NSW, then you can search for the top management companies on the internet. I would like to mention top ten benefits of hiring a strata management company.

  1. A Strata management company will provide you with professionally qualified and certified strata managers who will guide you in the right direction.
  2. A Strata management company is well equipped to give an honest and transparent picture to you regarding your property and answer all your queries patiently.
  3. They will not charge hefty fees from you because they know that you are running low on budget, so they will try to make your life less cumbersome and hassle free. Moreover, there are many other formidable tasks they do to provide benefits to you.
  4. With the help of a strata management company, you can sell, rent, mortgage or lease your property at a good price.
  5. They will maintain your property in order to increase the value of it. All Strata management NSW has well trained staff who will look after the property and ensure that it is sold at a good price.
  6. Strata management companies have great skills in managing and selling properties. These companies can raise the income of your properties.
  7. If you have given your property for rent, then they will make sure that you get the highest price as rent.
  8. These companies have a deep knowledge of the real estate business, especially about buying and selling of properties.
  9. Before starting the project, the strata management companies will inspect the property to understand the needs and requirements. They will work hard to maintain a good relationship with you, the owner.
  10. They will manage your property in the best way possible. They will discuss each and everything with you so that there is no room for doubts or uncertainty.