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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Car Sales with Finance

Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used car, there are some very important factors to take into consideration if you’re considering a financial solution. Not everyone has loads of cash lying around, enabling them to head out and buy a used or new car outright. In many instances car buyers are completely unaware that certain car sales can come with finance, enabling them to buy a newer model, a good quality car and pay off the vehicle over an agreed period of time.

The first thing you have probably taken into consideration is your credit history. Many lenders don’t want to take the risk of you have a poor or bad credit history, possibly no credit history at all. Ideally the better your credit history, the higher chance you have of being approved for the new vehicle of your dreams. There are financial solutions for those who have experienced financial troubles in the past, but have kept a good record for some time.

Ensure when you’re thinking of financing a vehicle that you haven’t had any credit checks done in the past couple of months. You are allowed a certain number of checks each month, the more you have the lower your score. If you are looking at car sales, wait a couple of months after a credit check, enabling your score to increase and enabling you to stand a higher chance of getting the financing you need.

The next step is to identify your employment. Most financial companies will want to ensure you are employed with a stable income, enabling you to meet the monthly repayments. Depending on the company, you may have to show three months of salary advice slips. If you don’t have these or don’t know where you have put them, ask your company for copies. Having these before looking at the car sales options and financial solutions can speed up the process dramatically.

Your age is going to play a role in whether you can get financing. Most lenders require that a car buyer be at least eighteen years of age and have the financial means to make the repayments on time each and every month. If you are younger than eighteen, you may have to get a parent to handle the financial side of the car sales process.

Identify the length of the financial proposal. Each lender will provide you with an amount they are willing to give you, this can be the amount you need to purchase the car and if they are unhappy with that, they may offer you a lower amount. Whatever amount they offer, you will want to know how long you will be paying for. This is important so you can work out your budget and plan in advance, ensuring you can keep that amount aside each month to cover your payments.

The next thing you will have to identify is the APR. APR is the annual interest which is added to the amount you are borrowing. You can’t expect to borrow thousands for free. The interest will also determine how much you have to pay and what the final amount is that you pay for the vehicle.

When it comes to car sales with financing you will want to look at the repayment amounts and ensure that you can easily budge that amount into your expenditure each month. The instalment is based on how much you need to borrow to buy your used vehicle.

The final thing you need to consider is the best way to apply for finance. Some car sales specialists provide the convenience of you applying for your finance online or over the phone, enabling you to know if you have the funds before visiting their shop and going through the vehicles available. This can save you a considerable amount of time, frustration and energy.

Advantages of SMSF Property Investments

It is greatly important to properly plan for the future and the most authentic way to do it is to invest in the SMSF funds known as self managed super annuation fund. With the help of these funds you get the opportunity to save and invest while you work and then you will also be able to enjoy the lucrative returns in your old age. There are such a variety of SMSF strategies prevalent in Australia and amongst all SMSF property investment will be quite beneficial for you. In such sorts of investments you can use your retirement savings to invest in different residential properties in the most advantageous and trustworthy manner. Different strategies that will be applied on your investment will also be highly transferable and portable and hence you will quite effectively continue your contribution in your SMSF funds even if you will switch your job.

Basically with the help of SMSF funds you can quite efficiently contribute in a deposit and then can borrow the remaining required funds for purchasing any SMSF property. If you invest SMSF in property then it offers you advantages like negative gearing for reducing tax, greater investment choices, direct control, member preferences and so forth. In so many cases you can quite evidently find that property investments are negatively geared which means after allowing for the interest on the borrowings, holding costs and depreciation of the property may make a tax loss. But all such sorts of tax losses can be counterbalanced against different other taxable incomes of the SMSF such as member contributions or interests on cash assets, so forth that will quite effectively reduce the payable tax. Self managed superannuation funds also offer most lucrative and versatile investment options. Without borrowing mostly SMSFs are not large enough to afford any property while with the assistance of borrowing SMSFs can effectively afford to include properties in their assets and hence this will offer SMSF such a variety of choices of asset diversifications.

SMSF also offers more control to you over your superannuation investment strategies and additionally these funds can also be transferred to your second generation or any other family member in the different emergency cases like death. In any extreme situation when you are in emergency and need some amount of the fund then there are also options available to withdraw and contribute towards the same. If you are having good understanding about investments and know about the techniques of operating funds then it will be a wise move to invest in SMSF and if you want to get some assistance then SMSF advisers are also available to assist you in the most efficient manner.

Disclaimer: This is not designed for the purpose of providing personal financial or investment advice. Information provided does not take into account your particular personal financial or investment objectives, situation or needs. You should assess whether the information on this website is appropriate to your particular personal and investment circumstances and should do this prior to making any financial or investment decision. The information on this website is not a recommendation to invest in any investment or financial product. You should seek professional investment advice before proceeding on any information.

Tips use Responsible Credit Card

Having a credit card in your possession can often be a recipe for debt and despair. Luckily, it is entirely possible to manage your credit cards responsibly while still taking full advantage of the convenience and rewards that they offer you. Simply follow these easy tips.

  • Start off slowly: If you have never had a credit card before, it is wise to start off slowly. Apply for one card to begin with and insist on a low credit limit. This will make it easier to avoid the urge of spending just for the sake of it! Use this credit card for a few months and get used to paying off the amount that you owe. After a while, you will feel comfortable adjusting your credit limit or applying for another card.
  • Never use more than 70% of your credit limit: If you constantly reach your credit limit month after month and you are not paying off your debt in full, you will start to earn yourself a bad credit score. By spending less, not only will you impress lenders with your ability to control your spending, it will also leave you with enough available credit to use in case of an emergency. 1
  • Monitor what you are spending: It can be easy to get carried away with your spending when you are not paying cash for your purchases. This can often lead to over-spending on your budget. To avoid this, keep track of everything that you buy using your card, as well as the amount that you are going to have to pay back.
  • Do not use your credit card for everyday purchases: It is best to use cash or a debit card for everyday purchases and to save your credit cards for when you have to buy something slightly more substantial such as a washing machine or new tyres for your car.
  • Pay off your credit card in full every month: Not only will this act as a deterrent for ‘spur of the moment’ spending, it will also look great on your credit record.
  • Get help if you need it: If you find that you are beginning to slip into debt, get help quickly. There are many debt counselling professionals out there who can assist you and provide you with a plan of action. Alternatively, you can speak to your bank about taking out debt consolidation loans according to your needs and the severity of the situation.

Ultimately, in order to use your credit card responsibly, you need to monitor your spending closely, try to spend less than your credit limit, pay off your debt in full every month and get help should you ever need it. Also, never be afraid to speak to your bank regarding your financial needs and concerns.

Tips for Transferring Money Online

With today’s technology, you can easily transfer funds from one account to another easily and conveniently within a few hours. With a mere click of a button or tap, you can transfer vast amounts of funds from one country to another. But there are certain things one should be aware of, especially when you are going to transfer money online. With a few tips, you can easily make these financial transfers without any worry. They include the following:

Use Secure Desktop:

When you transfer money online, you will need to use your phone or computer to make the transfer. The best way to make a secure transfer is to ensure that you do not use a public computer or someone else’s phone. Many a times, these public computers might have malicious software installed without your knowledge. This software can collection all the data you are inputting and store them, which can include passwords, account details and user id. This data can then be used to access your account without your knowledge. Additionally, this information can also be used to steal funds or your identity itself.

Use A Secure Bank Account:

To transfer money online, you will be required to log onto the website. If you do not log directly in the officially website, for example, by typing the identical URL, you might log into a website that will seem similar to the official website. However, these websites are malicious and used the technique of spamming and phishing to collect your account data and information. Using this information, you data become public for anybody to use it. Through this process, you account is compromised and can be misused.

Use A Secure Network:

When you log onto the website, you normally use a network to connect to the internet. While making such important and crucial financial connections, you will normally need to use a secured network to make transfers. Open internet connections and public Wi Fi’s normally do not have enough security. Therefore, there is a high possibility while you are making such a transfer, anybody can use access it. With the right combinations of software and professional skill, one can easily access and collect your information. They can also manipulate your transfer in such a manner wherein the money can be deposited in another account rather than the intended one.

Transferring your funds online will save you a lot on your resources and time. However, it is important to keep the security in mind when dealing with such important financial transfers. Any promise can lead to loss of your funds or compromise on your account.