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Benefit of Owning an ATM Card

1. Easy access

All banks have their ATM machines scattered across major cities in India as well as in many towns. This allows one to access their funds easily at any point of time. One can also use their card to withdraw cash from another bank’s ATM machine however a small fee is charged. ATM machines also allow individuals to make their credit card payments with ease. An ATM card in India makes withdrawing money easy as well as providing the account holder with details about the remaining amount present in their account.

2. Safe

Using cards in India is an extremely safe option for account holders to use. As long as one does not disclose their card’s pin number, no one can access their funds. The ATM machine also has surveillance which ensures that suspicious activity is recorded. If you lose your ATM card, you can simply block it by calling the bank.

3. Convenient

Using an card is an easy way to

Use Investments to meet Financial Goals

If you are planning to invest money, you are probably aiming to increase your wealth and put your savings to better use. After all, what is the point of simply leaving your cash in a savings account that offers you an incredibly low interest rate? Before making the decision to enter the world of investments, you need to know where to invest, as well as how to invest your money.

Where and how to invest

Generally, there are three different types of investments, namely ownership investments, cash equivalents and lending investments.

In terms of risk, ownership investments are probably higher up on the scale; however, these are the investments that tend to yield the best returns. They include investing in stocks, businesses, real estate and valuable objects. 1 When you invest money in stocks, you own a part of a business and thus share in its successes – or in its losses. When you invest in real estate, it all depends on the state of the market when you wish to sell again. The state of the market, along with the

Make a Career in Quantitative Finance

Making a career in quantitative finance usually means getting hired by an asset management firm, a specialized software development firm or an investment bank. You will have to have to start your journey from any one of the business types mentioned above even if you have set better goals for yourself.

So, what exactly you should do to become a quantitative finance expert as far as your education is concerned? The list below will tell you about the kind of academic qualifications you should have for becoming a qualified quant.

Like any other respectable profession, you’ll need an undergraduate degree. The degree should be preferably in computer science, engineering, physics or mathematics. Whatever might be the course, it should have a mathematical component.

If you want to get a better paid job, we would suggest you to get a postgraduate degree in the same subject you studies during graduation. Getting a post graduate degree is even more important for individuals who want to make a career

Debt Consolidation

Here is all you need to know about finding the ideal debt consolidation agency to suit you:

  • Third Party Payment Are you sick of having to remember all your different accounts? With a well thought out debt management solution you are able to make a single payment to the credit counselling company. This means that money is distributed to your creditors once they have paid in full. These kinds of debt consolidation agencies do not make loans on your behalf, they do not settle debt either. Rather, they have arrangements that are already set with financial institutions, usually at a lower interest rate. These lower interest rates mean that instead of finance charges, your payment goes toward the balance.
  • Quality Debt Consolidation Agencies¬†When it comes to your finances and the wellbeing of your loved ones, it is imperative that you are incredibly careful when choosing your debt consolidation agency. The agency should be well organised, send statements and payments timeously and provide excellent support and education. If you have a bad feeling about an agency – you should go with your gut!
  • Debt Counselling Debt counselling should always be done before consolidation. You need to

The Advantages Paying Service Taxes Online

Paying your taxes is an essential part of adult life. It is the responsibility and duty of every citizen to pay his or her taxes and it is illegal to do otherwise. It is a tax levied by the government to those who provide service and are not exempt legally from paying the tax. The rate of service tax changes from country to country, and each country is free to change it from year to year as is outlined in their annual budget.

People Who Should Be Paying Service Tax

Most businesses are required to pay service tax. If you are a service provider, then you, too, are liable to pay service tax. If you provide a service and charge service tax from your customer, then you are mandated to deposit that tax with the government.

How To Pay Service Tax

Different categories of payees have to pay their service taxes at different times. Thus, the date of deposit is different if you are an individual, a proprietor or a company. Next, the required form is to be identified and filled in at a recognised

A Demat Account

A demat account is a bank account which serves the purpose of holding shares electronically. It is a requisite for people buying and selling shares regularly and dealing in stock exchange and stock markets.As per the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), shareholders and people dealing with more than 500 shares can’t deal in the stock markets unless they have a demat account.

Why do you need a Demat account?

A account is the best way to hold shares, just the way a bank account is for holding money. The best account is free of scams such as mutilated share certificates, postal delays, and bogus shares.

Advantages of holding a Demat account

Holding a demat account for share trading and stock exchange has various benefits. Few of those benefits are as follow:

Public shares are credited automatically and faster if you have a demat a/c. Since a demat a/c holds shares electronically, you can control your transactions through internet and email. Thus, it’s easier for you to manage shares in the long run. In case of a financial emergency, holding shares electronically in a demat accountare easy to liquidate when required. You

Real Estate Investment Categories

Leasing a property, after all, is a great way to add to your income and increase your assets; perhaps, a good form of wealth management for sure. Whether or not real investors consider using LLC, — a legal structure that protects you from certain losses that may otherwise happen in real estate investments — they would be investing in any one of these categories.

Multi-Family Residential Investment

Investing in residential real estate means acquiring properties such as apartment buildings, houses, vacation houses, townhouses and more, where a person or family pays rent for using your property. Leasing involves formulating a lease or rental agreement, which determines your tenant’s duration in the property. In comparison to other real estate investments, this is the most stable, as people always need a house to live in.

Commercial Investment

When people invest in commercial real estate, they mostly purchase office buildings. You might have seen many people constructing small buildings that have multiple offices. These properties are, usually, leased out to companies and other small business owners who pay rent just the way a tenant pays for rent for using a residential property. Owing to high operating costs

Investment Options For NRI

Post 2000 A.D, taxation policies have become favorable for NRI investment in India. Provisions are being made to favour investments from NRIs, but the only drawback is, unlike resident Indians, they can’t invest in just any type of instrument they desire to.

If An NRI Wants To Invest In India, They Must Choose Between One Of Three Kinds Of Savings Accounts:

Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account (Nre Account):Should be in INR. NRI’s can keep their earnings and savings managed in their country of residence in INR in this account. There is no income tax generated on such accounts.

Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account (Nro Account): Should be in INR. In this account, NRI’s can keep any sort of income through rent, dividends, etc. in this account. Income tax is generated on such accounts.

Foreign Currency Non Resident (Bank) Account- Fcnr (B) Account: Can be in any defined currency, used for keeping fixed deposits (in FCY) for a period of up to five years or less. There is no income tax generated on such accounts.

While Choosing From A Host Of Options For NRI Investment In India, It Is Important To Remember To A Couple Of

Benefits of a Good Credit Score

Lower Interest Rates

When you first provide your information for your credit card application, your respective bank will offer you an interest rate that is based on previous credit scores. Interest rates are one of the factors that influence your monthly repayments and a bad credit score can result in hefty rates which contribute to an even larger monthly repayment. However, a good credit score can encourage your bank to offer you lower interest rates on your monthly repayments. Not only will this eliminate the added pressure of an extra fee, but it will also assist you in ensuring the timely repayment of any debt.

Higher Chance of Loan Approval

There comes a time when everyone aspires to own their own home, send their children to university or pay for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. There are few people who can afford to turn these dreams into a reality without financial assistance. However, for the rest of us, with the help of a personal or home loan, these dreams and aspirations are quite plausible. A good credit score will yield a higher chance of loan approval while a

Choose a Small Business Accountant

Whether you are new in business, or your current enterprise is expanding to the next level, chances are that at some point you will be on the look out for accounting firms that will be able to assist you with your financial questions and be able to help you deal with obligations such as payroll and taxation.

When choosing an accountant to work with, it pays to bear a number of things in mind before you make a final decision. These can ensure that your business’s needs are fully met and that a great deal of the stress related to financial aspects of running a business is alleviated.

Firstly, it is important to ask yourself if location is significant to you. It may be crucial for you to be able to choose from accounting firms in your local area in order to be able to have face-to-face contact with your accountant. However, there are now a number of other options available.

Thanks to the internet, there are growing numbers of highly professional accounting firms who operate online, utilisingcloud-based technology to collaborate with their clients. This can expand the number of possibilitiesavailable to you, and you

Different Types of Secured Loans

At times, you will be in an emergency wherein you will require a large amount of financial aid. In such an even, you can apply for a loan. You can either apply for a secured or a non-secured loan. Between these two options, the secured loans will provide you with the ideal rates, better repayment options and even a short application process which is required during an emergency. Additionally, since you are providing collateral, you can negotiate for a better principal amount. Some of these secured loans include the loan against gold items, securities or even property. Here we will give you information about each option.

Gold Loan

Loan against gold is one of the most favourable options when it comes to the secured loans. This is due to the fact that many individuals, especially in the country believe in investing in gold for economic and cultural aspects. Many families invest in gold jewellery, coins, bars or even other items for various auspicious or special occasions. During a financial emergency, an individual can easily apply for a gold loan just by exchanging these gold items. One of the major benefits of this account is that, the

The Commercial Finance Industry

Facts about the commercial finance industry

  • There are more than 28 million small business in the United States of America and amongst these, more than 22 millions are self employed
  • There are millions mid-sized businesses as well
  • Each year, more than 10-12 million businessmen seek capital funding
  • Also, each year about 7-8 million do not get it
  • Loans for small business have fallen

All these prove that there is a huge gap between demand and supply as far as capital is concerned. This gap can only be fulfilled when there are enough lenders in the industry and more importantly, when the borrowers are able to reach to the lenders.

It is not easy to get secure loans these days, though there are many financial institutions out there ready with varied loan options. There are many formalities and many rules and regulations those make it difficult for borrowers to seek loans from these agencies.

Apart from that, the options in terms of the demand are really less and hence, it has been estimated that 90% of the small businesses are in need of your financial services.

Why opt for

Car Sales with Finance

Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used car, there are some very important factors to take into consideration if you’re considering a financial solution. Not everyone has loads of cash lying around, enabling them to head out and buy a used or new car outright. In many instances car buyers are completely unaware that certain car sales can come with finance, enabling them to buy a newer model, a good quality car and pay off the vehicle over an agreed period of time.

The first thing you have probably taken into consideration is your credit history. Many lenders don’t want to take the risk of you have a poor or bad credit history, possibly no credit history at all. Ideally the better your credit history, the higher chance you have of being approved for the new vehicle of your dreams. There are financial solutions for those who have experienced financial troubles in the past, but have kept a good record for some time.

Ensure when you’re thinking of financing a vehicle that you haven’t had any credit checks done in the past couple of months. You are allowed a certain number of checks each

Advantages of SMSF Property Investments

It is greatly important to properly plan for the future and the most authentic way to do it is to invest in the SMSF funds known as self managed super annuation fund. With the help of these funds you get the opportunity to save and invest while you work and then you will also be able to enjoy the lucrative returns in your old age. There are such a variety of SMSF strategies prevalent in Australia and amongst all SMSF property investment will be quite beneficial for you. In such sorts of investments you can use your retirement savings to invest in different residential properties in the most advantageous and trustworthy manner. Different strategies that will be applied on your investment will also be highly transferable and portable and hence you will quite effectively continue your contribution in your SMSF funds even if you will switch your job.

Basically with the help of SMSF funds you can quite efficiently contribute in a deposit and then can borrow the remaining required funds for purchasing any SMSF property. If you invest SMSF in property then it offers you advantages like negative gearing for reducing tax, greater investment choices, direct

Tips use Responsible Credit Card

Having a credit card in your possession can often be a recipe for debt and despair. Luckily, it is entirely possible to manage your credit cards responsibly while still taking full advantage of the convenience and rewards that they offer you. Simply follow these easy tips.

  • Start off slowly: If you have never had a credit card before, it is wise to start off slowly. Apply for one card to begin with and insist on a low credit limit. This will make it easier to avoid the urge of spending just for the sake of it! Use this credit card for a few months and get used to paying off the amount that you owe. After a while, you will feel comfortable adjusting your credit limit or applying for another card.
  • Never use more than 70% of your credit limit: If you constantly reach your credit limit month after month and you are not paying off your debt in full, you will start to earn yourself a bad credit score. By spending less, not only will you impress lenders with your ability to control your spending, it will also leave you with enough available credit to use in

Tips for Transferring Money Online

With today’s technology, you can easily transfer funds from one account to another easily and conveniently within a few hours. With a mere click of a button or tap, you can transfer vast amounts of funds from one country to another. But there are certain things one should be aware of, especially when you are going to transfer money online. With a few tips, you can easily make these financial transfers without any worry. They include the following:

Use Secure Desktop:

When you transfer money online, you will need to use your phone or computer to make the transfer. The best way to make a secure transfer is to ensure that you do not use a public computer or someone else’s phone. Many a times, these public computers might have malicious software installed without your knowledge. This software can collection all the data you are inputting and store them, which can include passwords, account details and user id. This data can then be used to access your account without your knowledge. Additionally, this information can also be used to steal funds or your identity itself.

Use A Secure Bank Account:

The Benefits of Recurring Deposit

When you begin to earn one must learn to save this finance to create a stable financial future. The only way this is possible if you set financial goals for the near future. The steps to create a financial goal are not very tough and if it is started early, it will be beneficial. In this article, we give you information on how to set your financial goals with a recurring deposit.

Set Up Small Goals

The first step that has to be done is to create several goals that are realistic and small enough that can be executed or reached within a short tenure. This tenure can last anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. Thus, when you start earning, keep a small amount of your income aside for a recurring deposit. This term deposit can be kept for anywhere between 6 months to 10 years, but ideally it can be started for a minimum of 1 year. This will help you plan your future once you have settled down financially in your initial stages of your job.

Prioritize Your Goals

Once you have

The Benefits of hiring a Strata Management

Strata management has become a very important concept in New South Wales. But, it is important for us to understand the pre-strata period in order to learn strata management in a proper way. More than five decades ago, people who want to own a part of a building has to buy shares of the company who owned that building. People used to acquire shares certificates in order to claim the right on the property, unlike today where property certificates are shown to the authorities. It was the year 1961 when the government introduced a new method called ‘Strata’ or Stract Act that enabled an owner to hold the authorization for a part of the building. It also allowed the owner a certain degree of freedom and security, which was denied to him earlier. The Strata schemes have become more lenient over time. Basically, this scheme ironed out the wrinkles that were present on the property acquiring procedure until 1960.

What is the use of strata management?

Have you even visited the NSW Fair Trading site? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that how

Benefits of a Platinum Credit Card

Even though the irresponsible use of a credit card can have some unpleasant and serious consequences, if you use it wisely, there are many benefits to owning and using a platinum credit card. All it takes is making sure you pay your monthly instalments in full each and every month, and being careful not to spend money you can’t afford to pay back.

Perfect for building a stellar credit history

One of the greatest benefits of using a platinum credit card is that you increase your chances at getting finance applications approved. Whether you apply for a loan, for a dream holiday or your first home, when you have a sound credit history, you will be seen as a low risk client. Conversely, apart from not being able to get a loan, bad credit history can have a negative effect on various other aspects of your life. It can hinder you in getting the things you need on a day-to-day basis, it can result in you having to pay higher insurance premiums and it can even cause trouble when it comes to finding employment. The importance of a sound credit history is often overlooked, and using

Optimize Banking Cards Strategically

Banking cards like credit, debit, ATM and pre-paid card give the client access to funds, either through a credit account of the bank or from the client’s own account normally. These cards will physically have the name, a unique card number and magnetic chip on the back that enables various machines to read and access information. You can create your own password that allows you to use the credit card or debit cards online. So, you use these cards to withdraw cash, make purchases, pay bills and more. Here are some techniques to optimize the banking cards.

Take 50 day credit on your credit card:

If you want large sums of money urgently and don’t have the money at that moment, you can use the credit card. With a card, you can get an advance or the superfast loan from the bank at any time. You cannot use ATM card like that because you need funds in your bank account. But, the card allows you to repay in this loan in installments if you have the credit card, giving you a stronger buying power. However, exploiting this 50 day loan is a bad choice as you